About Jason Branch
I'm a Freelance Product Designer and SVA Interaction Design Graduate student living in New York. 
I'm currently a grad student in the Interaction design program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In my short time there I've worked on group projects with Citibank, Food Bank of NY, Intersection, New York Times and Brooklyn Academy of music. At the very moment I am very interested in how tech can be used as an avenue for access to those most in need. 

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You can find me on:
• Dribbble (my design work)
• Medium (my thoughts on design and the world)
• Linkedin (for business contacts)
• Twitter (seinfeld references)
• Instagram (for friends)

My Skills & Knowledge
Photoshop • Illustrator • Responsive Design • UI (User Interface) • UX (User Experience) • Thorough understanding of iOS, Android, Web • Branding• Project Management •  Digital Marketing 


Freelance Product Designer
November 2017 – Present • Kinvite

• Freelance Product Designer
January 2017 – May 2017 • Everything Did
• Digital Production Associate
December 2014 – July 2017 • WebMD

• UX Design intern
February 2014 – October 2014 • American Entrepreneurship

• Business Development Associate 
September 2012 – May 2013 • Onswipe

• Interaction Design Graduate student
September 2017 -- May 2019 •  School of Visual Arts
• Economics Undergrad major
September 2009 – May 2014 • Rutgers University

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